Not good.

Well, the only piece of work I did today concerned some upcoming meeting which will decide whether my job exists come January. All the figures on how much the hardware, software and me cost the Uni have to be added up. By me, of course, because I am actually paid enough to be an administrator as well as the rest, oh yes. And the figures on how much the microscopes get used. And, it was implied today by one of the local team leaders, on how much the darkbox is used, a figure I don't have because he supposedly handles that. And he also says he doesn't have the lens for the camera on the other darkbox. Now, I remember him saying that he had it and I don't remember ever seeing it, but he says he gave it to me some time ago. He gave me the other one, certainly, but . . . what the hell. It's only a thousand quid. What are they going to do, take it out of my wages?

Don't answer that.

I don't really want this meeting to decide that the job should continue, but I can't really have it fall through because I've not got them the figures (or got the figures right) either. Can you tell that my heart's not really in this?

Still, NS tomorrow, so maybe there'll be an ad for something I can do. The Uni's job website is slightly lacking in that respect this week.

In other news, I'm not feeling significantly better than I was at the weekend and I just saw evidence that I might be more ill than I thought. And no, I'm not going to expand on that.

On the upside, Uncle Tungsten is an excellent book and everyone should read it.

Mmm. Banana.
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Hope you feel better soon, both healthwise and about your job situation.

If it helps, I had a dream about you last night in which you were in an indie band that was going to have a huge hit. Your picture (very artistic, lots of shadow effects) was on the album cover and everything.
It's an amusing idea, certainly. I'm not sure I'd stick my picture on the cover of anything, but if I did then lots of shadow would be what I'd pick.
Hum, doesn't sound promising. I think the world wants you to get a better job.

Hope your health improves soon. Do you feel like elaborating at all?
You wouldn't thank me for it.

It wasn't all bad news on the job front. I found out that one of the more interesting institutes on site uses a confocal microscope, so they may have something going in the future that I could claim experience on.
Hey that sounds promising.

I wouldn't thank you for keeping me the dark either.

Take care.
I'll tell you at some point, if you insist, as long as I get to take a photo of the revolted look on your face.
No, that's pretty much how I wanted it to look. Apart from the double chin, of course, but that's my own problem.
Sorry to hear about work and illness problems. Hope you're soon back on form, as when we saw you last month! (BTW, G has some very amusing photos of you from Glasgow.)

It could be worse. You could still be stuck in Cambridge...
Thank you, yes. I think it's just a combination of having to assemble a case for there being, and me having, a job I don't really believe in or want, and being a bit ill and therefore not sleeping well (although last night was better).

Amusing photos, eh? Sounds ominous.