Pub (Hoose) on Friday with AJ, Nicky et multiple al. Drank and talked too much, resulting in me hearing this familiar voice burbling on and telling myself "Shut up, Graham. Nobody's interested, nobody agrees and you're not even making sense." But I wouldn't listen. Ah well.

Out at Bitch last night (good club - recommended. I heard some things I'm not sure I've ever heard played out before) and it occurred to me while watching somebody's antics on the dancefloor that it must be a very hard life if you're both an utterly sad exhibitionist and also completely crap. Matt was there, and Alex was back from Spitzbergen and talking about avoiding bears. Various of the usual suspects were in attendance, and those I talked to (hi!) seemed to be enjoying themselves. I sat it out, through being still a little ill, but it was still fun.

Following a discusion Somewhere Else I went out and bought a copy of The Hitcher yesterday, and because there was a three-for-two deal I got Near Dark and 24-Hour Party People too. On watching The Hitcher it struck me that it looked quite similar to ND, and then of course realised that Eric Red (alive, conscious and making films again, apparently) had written both of them. According to IMDB a few other people were involved in both too. A good film, and one I've not seen for about six or seven years. Apparently there's a sequel out, and it looks awful. And a remake in the works. What are people thinking?

While on the subject of horror films, I went looking for copies of Dust Devil. Apparently the only version you can get is the 87-minute butchered cut, but Channel 4 and its derivatives seem to have the 103-minute version and show it occasionally. Every year or so. And the last time was . . . Tuesday. Shit.

Fireworks this evening.
What are your firework watching plans? I was thinking of going either to the back of the Meadows or KJs. Possibly one then the other...
Lara and Seth scored some tickets, so I'm meeting them. Avoiding crowds, I'd have thought outside KJ's would be as good as anywhere, for the usual reasons.
I didn't hear the voice either. Shame I wasn't up to the club, but maybe next time. I haven't seen Near Dark for years, or 24-houe etc at all. We need to have a video night some time!
ahh... richard stanley

The avi version of Dust Devil on t'Net is 1 hour 43 minutes and credits Channel 4 at the beginning. Years back the Germans had it on laser disc! Maybe they still do. Strange how it and Performance languished for so long in non DVD land. In fact Performance is still not on DVD i believe.
Actually, it says on that site that the DVD is mislabelled and actually has the 103-minute version on it. Might be worth a flutter.
Thanks for the encouragement about Bitch :) I'll post the setlist soon.

I might have an uncut copy of Dust Devil on VHS - I'll have a look.

Dust Devil
One of my favourites. I think somewhere I may have recorded it in it's uncut form but it would take a while for me to find it...
Re: Dust Devil
If you see my comment to Russell, above, about the DVD - I think I might go for one.