Under the weather

Today I have mainly been sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself. The slight cold I had yesterday afternoon had become a cold sweat and a trembly weakness by the time I got home. I didn't sleep well last night and made up for most of it this afternoon, either side of fielding a call from work about one of the monochromator's more endearing oddities. My boss said I sounded terrible, but that might have been partly because he'd woken me up. I'm feeling a little better now, and have done something that's more like cooking than my usual efforts. I'm not very hungry, though, so it'll probably mostly be kept for tomorrow and the next day.

In between sleeping, I've been reading a book of Dave Langford's SFX columns, which is now done so I should choose something else . . .
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Cheers. I'll probably be OK for work in the morning. If not, then the day after. It doesn't have the feel of a long-stayer.
This sounds so familiar to my life. I was even moved to visit the Dr yesterday! Get well soon. I;m enjoying news of your travels.