ISIHAC and the pub.

ISIHAC after work last night, with me mum and dad, Alex and Nuala, CJ and Fran, Lara and Seth, Stuart, Tef, Matthew, Martin Lyndon, Gus, and about 600 or so other people also in attendance. And very good it was too. The guest was Ross Noble, who made his mark early on. The panellists were making jokes about how old and decrepit they all were (Barry started it, of course) and Tim remarked that a woman had recognised him and asked if he was indeed Tim Brooke-Taylor, adding "That's me showing my age". Ross then said that he'd recently been mistaken for Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen by a woman he'd met, although understandably because "I was wrecking her house at the time."

Tim then sprayed half a glass of water over his notes and demanded that he get notice of any actually funny jokes in future. You won't hear that in the broadcast version, though, because it was in the warmup before the title music. It's going out Thursday at 6:30 pm on BBC Radio4, and will be streamable for the next week in the usual manner. Anything I told people about it being a live broadcast, you'll notice, turned out to be entirely wrong.

After that a few of us went to the Hoose, and from there I went over with Fran and CJ to the Traverse bar, where Mark, Michael Jackson and Dave Hetherington (with Pauline, although I didn't recognise her at all from my vague memories of her) from Potterrow Committee circa 1990 were having a drink. It was very good to catch up, and we stayed until the place closed, whenever that was.
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I've only been to one recording of ISIHAC, but my recollection was that the warmup and the recording of trailers were if anything funnier than the recording of the show, which is no mean feat.
Indeed so.

I do wonder if they have a big tape of all the intros anywhere. I'm sure it'd be marketable.
I've always wondered what sort of person goes out ot watch a radio programme. Now I know.
It's worth it to see the look of puzzled innocence on Humph's face when people laugh at one of his double-entendres.
I've been to a few too - mostly The Now Show. It's a lot more fun than you'd expect - the only boring bit is at the end where they have to repeat some jokes/lines which were fluffed or which the levels were wrong on, and you have to laugh at them all over again.
The first time I saw it recorded I thought Samantha would turn out to be a portly bloke with a bushy beard, and of course nothing could be further from the truth.
You didn't happen to get contact details for Dave & Pauline did you? I haven't seen them for ageeeeeesssss.

Thank you - I will send him a txt msg, like the young uns do.

PS I hope you can make it to Bitch on Saturday - I'm sure there will be tunes you will enjoy.
Indeed. I'd hardly want to miss it, would I?

It wasn't actually Laibach (although I am listening to them at home). It was something else that Kirstin at work brought back from her couple of months in Lubljana. Gabriela was playing it on a PC at the other end of the room. Not really my kind of thing, but not badly done. I think I know a fair few people who might like it.
ISIHAC after work last night

Thanks for getting me a ticket for the event - I still need to give you some cash in return.