Big disks.

I'm trying to get some data off a disk that has . . . certain issues.

I've just asked Windows how big the mp3 directory is.

314PB. On a 160-gig disk.

Oh, I wish.

Still, I'm quite impressed that it knows how to count that far, and also knows the proper unit and abreviation.
XP, yes. It seems to have had a little filesystem accident last week. Hopefully it's just in software rather than the disk being buggert.

That reminds me, I get my new Mac Mini tomorrow. Guess I still don't have a proper desk or office that doesn't look like a building site though. Och well. Soon. soon.

Heard any news of/from Cropredy?
I knew at least 2 people who were there this year. But one hasn't piped up yet and the other was flying off on holiday to France directly after and I won't hear til he returns from that. I guess I'll wait then :)
It's OK. It's a work machine. If it gets tricky I can throw it to the sysads and they'll sort it out. At the moment I'm just wondering ow to delete an unreadable file. Presumably there's a tool somewhere.
The point was clear, regardless. I think the tool is actually going to be "format", but only after I've scraped off all the files that people want to keep. Actually I'll probably put a less suspect disk back in its place and then run checks on this one periodically to see if we want a guarantee replacement.
It would be quite a collection. Unfortunately most of it seems to be a 240-PB mp3 of a Radiohead song. Quite longwinded even for them.