Beergut 100

I went to see Beergut 100 last night. This was, of course, the seventies-punk-covers band Beergut 100 featuring Bill Bailey, rather than erstwhile Edinburgh punk band Beergut 100, but they were pretty good anyway. It started with Bailey coming on and waffling for about fifteen minutes. We got the story about Madge Manson at Milton Keynes Bowl (not told as well as original_aj did, oddly), Das Hokey Cokey (and Einmal, Zveimal, Dreimal eine Dame), some cockney knees-up singalong stuff (Bela Lugosi's Dead . . . I'll 'ave 'is chips, then) and a set of old punk songs with the band. They seem to like the Ramones, the Jam, the Clash and the Ruts - especially the last two, which is fine by me - because they got two songs each (well, sort of - they said they were going to do a third Clash song, but played some old Bobby Fuller number instead. And a couple of snippets of In a Rut got slipped into other songs). Basically six middle-aged blokes doing old punk songs, but quite fun.

Oh, and I'm going to see the Tiger Lillies tomorrow, which should be fun.

Enjoyable, but not stellar. Bailey's own noodlings at the beginning and end were more memorable than the rest, though - especially the German bits.
Basically six middle-aged blokes doing old punk songs
Sounds like a lot of original punk bands these days...
I saw some of that, looked good. I have tickets for wednesday, should be a laugh.