I still have to talk about Worldcon. Which I will.

Are any of you the people I lent my Edge of Darkness DVDs to?

Last night I dreamed that my hair was falling out because the skin of my scalp was seriously inflamed. I remember it being a long and detailed dream, although the length was probably illusory.
Errr, I have your DVDs. I'm in Edinburgh in 2 weeks - can post them if you need them before that.
No rush. I've just been meaning to mention it as I'd completely forgotten. You're welcome to hang onto them for longer now that I'm not worried that I've lost them or eaten them or something.
I think you'd know if you'd eaten a DVD. I mean, you'd probably chip a tooth or something.

ciphergoth is going round telling the joke about the penguin crossing Arizona. I don't think he spins it out as well as you do, though.

Also heard an Irishman joke which has nearly replaced the one about the difference between girders and joists as my all-time favourite.

Q: Why did the Irishman wear three condoms?
A: To be sure, to be sure, to be sure.
chip a tooth

I'd be more worried about cutting my tongue on the sharp fragments.

the penguin crossing Arizona

Yes, it's a good one. I was telling it to some people on Friday on the beach.

To be sure

I saw that Jimeoin on Fringe Sunday yesterday. Still very funny.
Excellent. I'm sure we're all dreadinglooking forward to hearing your version of it.
I'm holding your videos (including Edge of Darkness) to ransom. You'll have to bring round chocolate biscuits to get them back : )
Gosh. I suppose I'd better do so, then. It won't be in the next couple of wees, though, I'm afraid. After the Festival's over I'll drop by to buy their freedom. As long as you're finished with them, at least.
There are 5 people on my FL who went to Worldcon and only two have said anything and one posted a few photos. Since I was supposed to be going and couldn't, I would love to hear more from friends who were able to go.
I certainly intend to. It'll involve sitting down with the program and piecing together memories, though.

One thing I can say is that it was bash-Harlan weekend. And not just in Chris Priest's astonishingly indiscreet GoH speech, either.