Quick word for those in Edinburgh:

In case you hadn't heard or have forgotten, the launch of Nova Scotia is at 6:30 tomorrow (Thursday the 11th, that is) at Blackwell's bookshop (née Thin's, opposite Old College). It's free, but picking up a (free) ticket beforehand might be helpful to them in planning for numbers. It's rumoured there'll be some wine, but don't tell anyone it was me that said that.

Hannu points out that this book was actually Forbidden Planet's top-seller from their Worldcon stall at the weekend, which is fantastic news - it "roared off the tables", apparently.

There's another page on it here, which includes the rather nice cover photograph (I believe taken by Andrew's brother) and a contents list. This of course includes Hannu, Andrew, Gav, and a host of other luminaries all the way to Edwin Morgan and Charlie "Hugo" Stross.

It can also be ordered from the publisher here for only about 50p more than Amazon, which would help support the people who took a punt on publishing the thing. If that's your bag, like.

I got my copy in the post from the publishers yesterday. Very nicely produced, and a fabulous set of contributors.
Damn good reading by the guys at Worldcon --one of the best readings I heard! Couldn;t find a copy in the bookroom,so I'll have to amazon
It was, wasn't it? I dragged a couple of friends along, and they seemed fairly pleased also.