Wallace Shawn doesn't half turn up in a lot of things! I picked out his voice in The Incredibles right away.
*nods* Checking back on IMDB, it looks like he's done voices for a lot of animated features. Man of many talents.
Do you know Lucian Wischik, then, whose site that page is on? I knew him and his brother quite well as undergrads.

Is the cat going to be ok fed every other day if I leave her enough? If the lack of company will drive her scatty, can we arrange someone to come in? Only we're going to be decorating at kisin's and I'm afraid of tiredness overcoming cat adoration - it's a long walk.

You're back on monday or tuesady?
If you make sure she's got a big pile and plenty of water she'll be fine.

I'll be back Monday, possibly quite late.