The newspapers have gone mad today. The Daily Abcess, if you can bear to look at a copy or find their webshite, has a banner headline about how the bombers were dodgy dole-scrounging illegal immigrants with incurable bedwetting (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Except for the bit about bedwetting, of course). By tomorrow they'll probably have realized that Menezes was foreign and that they hate him for it. Look forward to a banner "He had it coming" headline.

The Daily Hate, apparently, is little better.

The Scotsman has stuff on metal giraffes, The Venue closing (we're not going to have any live shows in this town if this goes on) and Iain Banks answering questions about whisky on Mastermind.

Humphries: How many drinks have you had, Mr Banks?

Banks: Hic!

The Grauniad, by contrast with its aspirations towards being a hard-hitting socially responsible media organ, has an article about a foul-mouthed macaw with a habit of saying "Thank you, big boy,"

When the local mayor and a vicar visited,

Instead of the Benedicite ("Oh all ye fowls of the air, bless ye the Lord"), he told the mayor: "Fuck off," before turning to the vicar and saying: "You can fuck off too."

The sanctuary's owner, Geoff Grewcock, 55, said yesterday: "To their credit they didn't take offence and laughed it off - and luckily so did two policemen who were told: "And you can fuck off, you wankers."

This morning, I woke strangely from an odd dream. It had involved my mum, my dad's old Spitfire (Triumph, not Supermarine - it wasn't fast enough, in the same way that I can never outrun anything when I'm dreaming), and having a fling with someone in a different city, who for no readily apparent reason had a bunch of people install themselves in her back bedroom by pushing past me when the door was open, and claiming that it had been wide open so they'd wandered in. I called the police, and the fire brigade arrived to evict them.

I was woken (well, mostly-woken) by the radio, and my nose was a bit blocked. I was half-convinced that I'd been woken by the phone ringing. Every time I sniffed, I could hear in the sound of the sniff a small voice saying "pick up".
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I like the way the Scotsman's piece plays up Banks's SF, and only mentions the 'mainstream' and TV adaptations at the very end. And then there's:
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I like the way the Scotsman's piece plays up Banks's SF, and only mentions the 'mainstream' and TV adaptations at the very end. And then there's:
<blockquote<Mastermind's team of researchers were said to be a little surprised by his choice of subject, and a show insider said: "We thought he'd go for a space travel related topic.</blockquote>
'Cos Banksie's all about space travel that you can, you know <em>research</em>, by like, reading NASA's website. Still, even that is acknowledging the SF, I suppose.
Bah! Sorry about the irrepairable invalid markup. I think you can probably see what I was getting at, though.
I saw the giraffes on Monday and wondered wtf :) They look odd where they are but I guess they're ok. No worse than the pigeons down the road at Elm Row.
ah...the blocked nose dream! spit fire ..old flame(?) brigade.

are you a fan of the Move?

i really hope the Guardian is not going the way of Channel 4.
I wouldn't go as far as Fan, but I've heard some of their stuff and it's fun.
You've worried me.... Has Channel 4 lost the plot since I emigrated?

I remember emailing them from Oz in 2001 to tell them how wonderful 'Secret Life of Us' was, and how totally up C4's street it would be. Now I see the C4 logo at the end of the end credits on later series. Were they involved from the start? or what? Oh I do miss the off the wall C4 and BBC2 stuff. And I can't get BBC Digital 4 here either. Och well, can't have it all.
re: channel 4.....still premiering some innovative and high quality stuff but IMO has let itself get into some really bad programming of the shock for shock sake, lowest common denominator "yoof culture" variety....mind you i dont watch much telly - cept for my cctv cam on the car - and i am cruising into "grumpy old man" mode.