Weekend, with kino goodness.

I had a mostly calm weekend.

Friday evening became another trip to Portobello beach with a bonfire, burgers, garlic bread, wine, and excellent company as the light faded away. Back soon after midnight this time, though.

Saturday involved shopping and then spending the evening in a couple of pubs - one very salubrious and the other Opium - with a bekilted darthstoo. It suited him, I think, and it was good to see him (the rest of you to take a subtle hint at this point). Stoo's friend Jake and some of his friends were there, and they were very interesting too. Linguistics came up a lot, and therefore Y Goddoddin, apostrophes, and all the usual nonsense. It was also good to see purpledonna and ultravioletman and chat to them, which doesn't happen often enough. We also got approached by a couple of blonde 20ish women at one point, which was flattering if also untempting. They wandered off after a few minutes. I can only assume they were hoping we'd be amusingly desperate.

On Sunday I took the bike frame down to the warren under the station that that bike project use. I was worried for a moment that I'd never find my way out again. On the way back I got mugged by Avalanche for upwards of several pounds, and only left with vidos of Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and Westway To The World for my trouble. I watched the first of these on Sunday late afternoon, which I think was the first time I've seen it since the Park Room, and highly excellent it was too. I must try to see Naqoyqatsi at some point. It doesn't seem to have made a big splash on public release.

Tonight I went to see Festival with Lara and Seth. Highly excellent it is, too, but not recommended for people who only like action films. No explosions, and only one car crash. Many laughs, though (often malicious), an acceptable amount of nudity, and nearly everyone ends up unhappy. My kind of film (except that it could have done with more swearing). Go see it. It's about various people - several members of the jury for the comedy award, some comedians, other performers and assorted associated - on the Fringe. And if anyone knows where the comedy awards scene is actually shot, could they please tell us? It's about the only setting we don't walk through regularly.

On the way back we were repeatedly passed on the links - right near one of the scenes in Festival was shot, actually - by a bat. I don't remember the last time I saw one of them in Edinburgh. I probably just haven't been paying attention.

Also, thanks to princealbert for linking to this dodgy flash animation (worksafe apart from some swearing and being flash animation, though) advertising . . . well, a real record that you can actually buy. If you decide against watching it or don't want to be surprised the main site is here.

reddragdiva has asked that word be spread of the Wikipedia article on Space Opera as a source of Scientology's esoteric doctrines. It's well worth a read.
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bbc four were asking people to keep an eye out for bats, there maybe something on their website
this dodgy flash animation (worksafe apart from being flash, though)

Worksafe apart from the lyrics! That Stephen Hawking is a bit of a potty-mouth. Luckily I'm not at work and when I am the speakers are turned off ;-)
Fair enough. I think maybe I've just stopped noticing swearing in rap music.

Thanks for pointing it out.
ah yes, the mighty mighty MC Hawking
I have the tracks on cheeky download, contrary to the instructions on that flash advert...
Re: ah yes, the mighty mighty MC Hawking
Well, you'd better not expect to get invites to his parties, man.
Re: ah yes, the mighty mighty MC Hawking
well of course i put a copy on slsk before i put up the LJ entry