BTW, Jarboe is playing London on Sunday 6th November (Scala), just in case you miss it on my journal.
Ooh, thank you. Well worth knowing, and no I hadn't spotted it yet. Cheers!
Thankfully we have completely (as far as I can tell) avoided this frog thing.

But I did enjoy the way its foot twitches in its death throws. hehehe
But then what would you have specially in reserve for people with the frog on their phones?
A special Designer T-Shirt with "The Crazy Frog" embroidered on it in explosives fuse, so that the first time they light up, it is seared in to their skin forever. :)
Ooh, I have to nick this link and post it on my journal.

I have no speakers on my work computer but I assume he's dinging his little frog butt off... it makes it better that I don't have to hear it and I can still beat him up :)
Thanks, terrific, I haven't been barred from accessing a prohibited site for a while. Oh, how I've missed that page which informs me that my line manager has been notified.
Ouch. That's pretty stringent, given that TTBOMK there's nothing indecent on the site.
I can believe it - I've brought up the hypersensitivity of the software before - there's a great site about exploration of bunkers and underground fortifications that I can't access *gloomstation*