Tyndall found dead.

The BBC is reporting that John Tyndall of the BNP has been found dead at home. No suspicious circumstances. He'd been due to stand trial in a couple of days. Stress? Suicide? Or just old age? He was 71, after all. Story here.

Slight update: state that a coroner's investigation is being launched and an inquest will follow. Does that mean that there's some question as to whether it was accidental death or suicide rather than entirely natural causes? Given that foul play has apparently been ruled out, that is.
Well, if it was found this morning then I guess it will be fairly cold by now.
I'm just glad he didn't die in prison a few weeks down the line as he'd easily have become a martyr.
Very true. I'm sure his supporters are prepared to spin it that way if they get the chance, though. Depends what the cause of death is, perhaps.
I kind of hope that it was self inflicted. Nothing says guilty like a pre-trial suicide.
One the one hand this is true. On the other, I doubt that the facts - what was actually said - are in serious dispute.