Wild, isn't it?

It'd be nice to see some definitely-different shots, to see if it changes over time.
Memory is telling me google get their pics from them.

Humans are extremely good at spotting faces. If two 'eyes', one 'nose' and a 'mouth' are present, the brain goes "FACE! FACE!! FACE!!!" even if there isn't, in fact, one there. Look just above the 'eye' on the right - there's another, smaller, 'face' there, looking to the right of the image.

It'll be like the Martian 'face' - with the sun at a different angle, the illusion vanishes.

I don't think I've got high enough resolution DEM of that area to stick it in a landscape renderer to test this though.
That would be interesting. Do you think it's just relief, or would the sand/soil colour be involved?
using google earth, it looks more like soil colour than relief. that bit's pretty flat, with moutains to the north...

If you zoom in, the effect lessens with both - the smaller one almost vanishes with one zoom and goes entirely with two, while the larger one is going with two.