Last night and this morning . . .

I wasn't tired, so I stayed up too late and digitised a Linus 12" and Bing Hitler Live At The Tron. I was, therefore, quite tired this morning, but it turns out that Nick's team are being dragged off to the beach this afternoon. Barring an unexpected crisis, that's me too. So while I'm sitting in the shade with a sea breeze waiting for the barbecue, I'll be thinking of you all. Honest I will.

Of course, mentioning it an hour in advance is the best way to guarantee such a crisis, but I'll probably just pretend that it didn't happen and the trip went as planned.
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Ooh, send me mp3s! I haven't heard 'Don't Forget' in years, and dearly want to.
Sure. Any preferred bitrate, or anything like that? And just to the infopage-listed address?
To the e-mail account you mailed me last week, and no particular bitrate preferred. Most of my mp3s are 96 or 128, and that suits me fine (I even have a couple of 62kps recordings, and don't feel they're unlistenable).
Righto. I'll send them when I get home. Actually, the mp3s I've made are a touch over 200kbps, but I can do smaller ones if you'd rather.
Bing Hitler Live at the Tron
I have been searching high and low for a copy of this for years now.

Any chance you could oblige by emailing me a copy?

Gordon Hamilton
Re: Bing Hitler Live at the Tron
I won't have time until the end of the week - I'll be away until then. Badger me if I don't get back to you.
Re: Bing Hitler Live at the Tron
Cheers mate. Much appreciated.

Re: Bing Hitler Live at the Tron
No problem. You'll have to tell me what format you want it in, though, and what to do with it.