Didn't make it to Porty (sorry) yesterday - I wasn't feeling very well in the afternoon. I don't know why. On the other hand, I got a small package in the morning with a customs label describing its contents as "baby dragon". Describing the contents wrongly, of course - actually it was two baby dragons. I have them potted out now, so hopefully they'll grow into slightly larger dragons. I think they're fairly slow-growing, so they won't get too big for the living room (like these specimens, for instance) any time soon.

Slight pubbage was had later, after my belly felt better, then Jo & Alan's flatwarming, which was well worth the effort of finding it (aggravated by me being too stupid to remember to press the buzzer marked with the flat number rather than the next one over). Today Ed came round, and seemed surprisingly well all things considered.

My brother has mumps, and is feeling very poorly indeed. My uncle has just had a tumour removed. My cousin is recovering very slowly from unfortunate and very severe complications following an operation to remove a spinal abscess. All quite sobering.

I've also been watching the little trailer for the Neubauten supporter's DVD. I was going to leave this one well alone, but after the trailer, I'm tempted.
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I've just upgraded having watched the trailer.

Hope Pete is better soon, that's pretty grim. Sounds like your family and friends are going through the mill a bit at the moment, I hope they're all better soon.
Thanks. Hopefully so. In each case, it could be worse. As far as I know, the tumour's uncomplicated and doesn't seem to have spread, and my cousin does seem to be on the mend, gradually. A lot of people seem to be having a hard time, though, and it just reminded me that actually, things are going fairly well for me and I should try to appreciate that a bit more. It won't stay true for ever.

And, of course, that I should phone them more and see how they're doing.