Trouble at t'mill.

There's something up in Edinburgh. I was just on the Meadows and there were 13 vans of polis headed eastwards. The city-centre's closed off. The staff at the blood bank thought it was either going to be a) a bomb scare or b) G8 demonstrators in trouble again. Better not be the latter - they've pissed off too many people around here already.

A few seconds later - According to the BBC it's due to a suspect package on a bus. Good (as the likelihood is it's just someone's shopping).

There were people on Princes Street earlier. I think perhaps today was not a day to be risking trouble in a city centre. Mind you, there seem to be no shortage of people in Edinburgh at the moment paying no attention to whether what they're doing will do any good.
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8 Greater Manchester Police vans, sirens on, turning out of Bernard Terrace down St. Leonards towards Dalkeith Road.

Probably trouble out at the Niddrie/Craigmillar site.
Everyone at work was freaking out when Swindon & Brighton train stations were closed. I just figured it was unattended bags - since it's been a while since regular IRA scares, people have got a lot more lax about leaving stuff lying around stations. I wouldn't be surprised if nearly every station in the country gets evacuated for suspicious packages in the next few days. Didn't it happen all the time in the IRA days?
At least occasionally, yes. It's something a lot of people are already used to. There have been major bomb scares in Edinburgh before too, in spite of the fact that Irish nationalist outfits never planted anything in Scotland.
Cheers for the info. I was wandering if everyone is on edge and every unatended pbag is a bomb. Hopefully that was the end of it though.