Monday, yet again.

Incidentally, did anyone else notice reports that one of the people arrested at Monday's protests has been charged under the Firearms Act?

Yeah, it was on the televisual news last night, though I'm more interested to know whether that 12 year old brat that was chucking bricks at coppers has been caught yet.
No idea. there was a sixteen-year-old and a couple of 7-year-olds actually charged. There's a list here. I'm strangely reassured by there only being two people who read that feed.

Actually, I don't know why I'm so interested. I overheard a couple of kids on my way home on the bus the other day bragging BOTP's they had.
If they didn't get him this time they'll get him for something else later. Some people just can't stay out of trouble, and he's probably one of them.
Oddly enough, it didn't strike me as at all noteworthy when you originaly posted 7. Which is probably some deeply significant coment on our society, or something.
They might have been picked up, but they wouldn't have been charged in a criminal court. Yes, there are plenty of 7-year-olds in serious trouble, though.
Thinking about it, obviously they couldn't have been 7 year olds. Whats sad it the fact that it was suitably beleiveable for there to have been 7 year old violent rioters that I didnt think about it :o/
I noticed there was a Croan in that list (no goth jokes please) and I am still trying to figure out if she is one of the awful twins from down here who were banned for life from Lothian Buses a year or two back.