BBC website?

Now, what could possibly have happened to send the Beeb's online arm into meltdown? Clearly something far more important than global disaster and famine. Which only leaves . . . Sport.
People are running around the building spreading the news from office to office as though it were important. Personally I am struggling to contain my indifference.
They've all gone down the pub here.

The Red Arrows' flypast left some pretty smoke trails outside my window though.
Mmmm. Smoke.

I think the last time I saw the Red Arrows they were practicing over the Sanger for a visit by President Bush (senior, retired) to Duxford. Very impressive they were, too. No smoke, though - you've beaten me on that one.
Yes, I can imagine that.

We used to get it quite often, though. The day after the Red Arrows, we had a series of low-altitude passes - really low-altitude - by a WWII bomber. I forget if it was a B-17 or a B-24, but whichever it was it was impressively large and loud.

Various other ones, too. A two-seat training Sitfire, quite often. A pair of Russian jets practicing aerobatics. Gary Numan. All sorts, really.
Nobody's running around here. I think some people will be reasonably pleased, but probably with a sense of proportion.
On terrestrial TV we've just had an hour and a half of the urgent sport news and only now a little regional update on the 'other news'in Auchterarder.

Why dont we just send footballs to Africa instead? They might not be as pleased, but they'd get a far better picture of what our priorities are.
They have now given it what I would have called a bit of decent coverage had I not had an 95 minutes of sport to compare it with.

There was a good shot of Geldof's car being swamped by protestors keen to get to Auchterarder but as yet without transport. He kept on smiling.

The famous celebs have just begun to arrive so they're going to cover that at length now, so they say.
I'm quite surprised the BBC's website melted down like that.
The only previous occasion I can think of that happening was when two aircraft severed most of the communications links in downtown Manhattan in 2001.
Bastards. How can I keep up with the progress of Le Tour if the entire site goes away?
And jealousy.

Manchester has proved it can run a games, unlike the London's abject failure to actually host the World Athletics Championships, but it always failed to get the Olympics.
But this si just copied off the guardians website home page

The most popular pages on Guardian Unlimited, June 22-29.

1) Wimbledon: Henman crashes out in five
2) Cricket: England v Australia, June 28
3) Cricket: England v Australia, June 23
4) Bush evokes 9/11 to bolster Iraq war
5) Steve Bell cartoon
6) Glastonbury: Festival opens, and so do the heavens
7) Interactive: Battle of Trafalgar
8) Glastonbury: In pictures
9) Whiteley, the cosy quizmaster, dies at 61
10) Lions Tour: Manawatu v Lions

In fact i have noticed that sports sotries nearly always dominate this list and if even the Guardian webiste readers want the sport most....
The sports ones in that list are all liveish blog commentaries. So people keep pressing reload (quite legitimately), which inflates their stats.

Also (4) and (5) will have been looked at by Bush-hating Americans.
Honestly, I'm just glad New York was eliminated early in the voting. I had nightmares about tens of thousands of random foreigners who don't speak the language converging on the express F train uptown to Kew Garden Hills and Flushing, overrunning midtown, reducing the strategic national pastrami stockpiles to nil and generally reducing the city to chaos.

Then I remembered that New York is always like that, and I decided I didn't want them to get it simply because I hate New York.