Just spent a few hours right at the march's end-point. Estimates of the number of people present have been creeping up - and I think I told every single bastard one of them not to abandon their placards where the following marchers would have to walk over the things. 100,000, then 120,000, and now . . .

Organisers, police and city council officials are putting the estimate for the number of people involved at approximately 225,000.

BBC story here
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I didn't see you there, and for the record I didn't abandon my placard there at least ;)
K jacksons looked really busy...tho i was in some pain having whacked my elbow lifting a bike over a security fence...
It was a hella hella lot of people, that's for sure. And I'm conscious of the possibility of the police/etc downgrading the numbers present, like they did for the anti war mar in Edinburgh.

I am also knacked. Mainly from the 3 1/2 wait, mostly on my feet -- the march was supposed to begin at 12.00, but the term 'begin' is a bit academic, given that they let people out of the meadows in little spurts.... our bit we finally got under way at 3.30.

I have mega loads of photos which I will flickr the best of....
(ooh, new verb, to 'flickr')