So far, so good.

Setting the alarm for half-five does not lead to happy first moments, but apart from that this morning's been fine. All is calm and friendly but My God there are a hell of a lot of people out there.
I'm going to wonder up to Princes street when I shake this hangover. I wonder how many people turned up. BBC news website doesn't have any news on it.
I turned on BBC1/2/News24 (I forgot which) and left it on for a bit since REM were up. They said the latest estimate from the local authorities was just under 200,000
I'm watching bits from Edinburgh via BBC World. Lots of white clad people milling around the Meadows. Nice to see a proper broad range of ages out there.

...indeed, shouldn't you be 'out there'? or are you updating via SMS! Have a good one anyway.
We did think about coming up. My sister lives in Morningside, and invited us to go and kip over at hers, but after looking at the cost to go by train for the three of us, I decided on balance that the money would be better off going straight to charity rather than being pocketted by Mr Branson.

There was a coach going up from Wrexham, but it would have been monstrously unfair on all concerned to put Kyle on a coach there and back in one day :(

Plus, there is a day of dance workshops in Salford tomorrow: hmm - world poverty v. bellydancing? You decide!

Hope all passes productively and without incident.

I look forward to watching it on TV later.

Good luck!
Saw some early footage from the helicopter flying over the Meadows. Not as many people as I would have expected, but that was early on.

I saw the route of the March. A 'white band' around part of the old town. It would have been really cool to use Holyrood Park also and they could have had a really big figure of 8 in white from Meadows to around Arthurs Seat :) Would have needed many more people though. Oh well, something to aim for next time.
Not bad, eh? :-)

Also, watching News 24 and they're king of using the Live8 concerts around the world to "legitimise" the March... *plenty* of Edinburgh coverage...