Last night, and other stuff.

Keith came round last night, so I was a little late for Cthulhu. I didn't want to kick him out, because I've seen him so rarely since I lost his phone number. I have it again now, so hopefully I'll see him again in the next week or so.

After Moleplaying, I went to the Hoose with my brother. A couple of torchies (Amy and Micah) were there, heavily recommending Black Sun Over Genoa.

Demon have fucked up again. They haven't been taking payment for the last year or so, because they decided to only use my old Cambridge address for the direct debit, and also to get in touch to tell me there was a problem. Of course, they didn't try actually emailing me as well, or anything clever like that, because they're a complete bunch of spanners it isn't company policy. As this has happened before and presumably will happen again . . . who does a decent ADSL, gives out static IP numbers, and ideally has a news server good enough to carry upg?

This scary post of JWZ's doesn't actually contain nudity, but might take some explaining if one of the cattleorkers sees it. Perhaps best to wait until you're at home if this might be a problem.

The Scienceblog is reporting that fishermen in Thailand have netted a catfish in the Mekong that turns the scales at 646 pounds (which is about 295 kilos - about the size of a grizzly bear). There's a photo. It's worth seeing.

Oi Polloi are playing again next week, along with the Gin Goblins. Sounds worth catching. It's a G8-related thing.
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DSLwise I use Merula, who are good. Newswise, well, I've ended up paying Supernews for a excellent feed.
I'd like to see the Gin Goblins again - where/when are they?

When we were in Cumberland last weekend me and lilitufire saw an ad for a band whose main claim to fame was that they had once supported Oi Polloi.
Wednesday, Calton Studios. There are another two or three bands on as well, and an interesting-looking gig on the Thursday too.
I think there was an article in The Times yesterday about that huge fish, it was next to a story about the birth of a 6Kg baby. Ouch.
There was an article I mentioned a few months ago about a huge baby . . . this article, in fact. Huge in this case being 7.6kg, which is 16.7 lb.

All-time record, 23.12 pounds - 10.5kg. Ceasareans were, apparently, invented for very good reasons.
Zen seem to meet your criteria though I don't know about the news server being good enough. I'll have a look next time I can, if noone else gets there first.
I second that recommendation. (And I think they do carry upg, though I rarely bother with news these days...)
You are both unemployed and connected to a Zen ADSL connection.
Do go check, there's a darling.
YOU AND YOUR EARTH LOGIC. appears to be their very own news server, with about 50k groups. (Unsurprising; they are after all a den of geeks.) It appears to contain alt.gothic and uk.people.gothic. It would take a while to estimate the quality. Feeds from, Easynet and in the first few messages, so I assume they have a good selection of peers. I might start using this.
ah ok my apologises, hearing two people talking about andys passing away- i made the wrong connection

No problem. It was worth asking. Thanks for taking an interest.
Gratuitous Post so I can use this icon!

Oh, and I use easynews - it's about £5 pcm and has really good retention.