Errr . . . you remember me saying the Calton Studio's days were numbered . . .?

It's happened, according to the Scotsman.

A NIGHTCLUB has been forced to shut down after complaints from neighbours over loud music and antisocial behaviour.

The owners of Studio 24 on Calton Road have agreed to close its doors for the last time next January following a campaign by neighbours.

Residents complained about under-age drinking, noise and litter from clubbers, as well as music audible through their flat walls.

Twenty objections were lodged with the city licensing board when it considered granting an extension to the club’s 3am late licence this week.

A six-month extension was passed despite the residents’ challenge after the owner’s solicitor pledged the club would close in the New Year.

Most of the complaints stemmed from the under-18 Goth night, Junior Mission, which is held on Saturdays till 10pm.

Goths, eh? What can you do with them?

The full story's here.

As I believe I said earlier, the problem is that people who bought new flats built next to a longstanding rock and nightclub venue are now complaining about the noise.

Addendum: I'm just listening to an HMHB session they recorded for Andy Kershaw last year. They claimed they'd have a new record out in the spring, so maybe we'll see it soon.

Ah yes. "They didn't choose their cat, the cat chose them . . . and what do you know, it's got its own website."
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I meant the people who moved into these clearly inadequately-soundproofed flats.
But I am pleased to hear that the owner of the club is taking the builders to court.
Just like the Lounge Axe in Chicago (seen in the film High Fidelity.
Yuppie-types suck!
*sighes* sounds all to familiar..just like those who move into news homes next to pig farms and moan about the smell...etc etc
I suspect the club needed better representation. The builders who failed to install adequate soundproofing are clearly to blame here, and I hope the club is successful in sueing them. The council, however, could have been more supportive and forced an order on the builders to make reparations and to keep the club open until such reparations have been made, then review the licence afterwards, seeing if locals still lodge complaints.

But that's far too sensible, innit.
There was a similar situation here with the Blue Angel (aka Raz) which has been a nightclub since the fifties, but was faced with closure after complaints from residents in the nearby flats newly developed in the city centre property boom. Seems to be still there, though I don't know the details.

I've got that session on tape somewhere too; great stuff!
Most of the complaints stemmed from the under-18 Goth night, Junior Mission, which is held on Saturdays till 10pm

Oh how richly amusing. People living in city centres who can't put up with a bit of noise before 10pm..
All a bit sad, isn't it? It's not like it's even a quiet bit of town. They're right by the main line to London.
Yeah, I can't imagine much worse than a club full of overexcited teenagers on sugar and hormone highs..
My moles tell me that Nigel and the boys should have a new album out at the end of July, ready for the next tour.
Re: Club Closure Stupidity
Well, exactly. It's amazing how grasping people can be. Personally I don't fancy living over a nightclub . . . so I didn't move to a flat over one. Not so difficult.
Sigh. Just like Arc in Dunedin. Fortunately Arc have been able to find a way around things (I think by improving their own soundproofing), so they didn't have to close for good.