Thursday: Cthulhu, then Pub. Nice time.
Friday: Pub with brother. We went over to the Hoose.
Saturday: Wandered in the sun. Bought a lending copy of My Friend Mr Leakey. The process of forcing it on people has already started. Read the newspaper, which had some fairly interesting stuff in it (which I should really comment upon a little). Went to the Hoose in the evening. Pete turned up after a while. It's good to be seeing more of him these days.
Sunday: Mowed lawn, tidied, read and went to see the Anti Nowhere League +2 (4 After Midnight and Sad Society). Good fun, which I should expand on sometime soon. Ed called a couple of times during the day, part of which constituted extremely bad news, of which there was more this morning. Could people please be a bit more careful? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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