The evening.

I was quite disappointed the other night that when the police drove down the seafront they didn't stop to tell us to put the fire out and go home. How are we to maintain the illusion that we're still young and wild if even The Man thinks we're beneath his attention?

A nice old couple dropped round last night to be introduced to the cat. They seemed to get on, but there's no telling what'll happen. It'll be a shame when she eventually goes, but I'm not really a pet-keeping kind of person. Except for goths, obviously.

Nice to see Graham and Sara, though.

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night. Somebody had kindly left a copy of the DVD lying around. It was, indeed, a lot of fun, but I still think that their version of Port Royal was at least as funny as any of the intentional jokes.

Photos from Tuesday night can be seen here and here.

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