My Friend Mr Leakey.

Bloody hell. "My Friend Mr Leakey" (by titan of population genetics, and occasional children's author, JBS Haldane) is back in print. Top google hit is this one, oddly, but I'm sure other retailers are available.

Part of it can be found here, and there might be a PDF with illustrations if you dig about. This is an absolutely delightful book, and as it's been out of print since about 1973 I'm very pleased to see it reappear.

Allegedly it was the first appearance in print of his famous saying "The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."

Now, I have an old copy . . . do I want to buy another one simply to lend people? Decision, decisions.

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Wow. Thanks for the heads-up. I've just ordered it on Amazon, saving a quid over the Guardian (and is it just me, or did everyone know that you can avoid paying postage on Amazon orders by always having one super saver type order always open, and adding new books as deliveries happen?)
Or you could order from, whose prices include delivery; they have MFML for £5.49 delivered.
Gah... I've never heard of the book and I assumed you were talking about a book by someone called Leakey (e.g. the anthropologist) so I went "Hold on, I thought it was Haldane that said that." googled to check I was right, then looked at your link and went "Doh"!

Ah. Yes, I could have phrased that better, couldn't I?

I'll just tweak a little.
Too late. Anyway, I don't actually want to assume everybody's heard of the book before.
Better yet for my finances, Bristol Public Library have it!