On the beach.

At very short notice, I spent last night on Portobello beach.

This, I suppose, was a replacement for the (Legendary? Infamous?) SFSoc Cramond Island solstice allnighters, to suit those of us who have to be at work in the morning. I got picked up before nine by Lara, Seth and Adele and by a bit after nine we were on Portobello beach with Mo. A few minutes later Eireann, Sharon and Alex joined us. The tide was still well out, beyond the end of the groynes, but we dumped everything just above what we took to be the high-water mark and S&L set to making a fire. It was soon crackling away merrily and we sat down to admire the fading light over Fife.

The next several hours were spent beside an eerily calm sea, as it rose and then started to ebb, chasing us a few feet back by being (only slightly) more enthusiastic than the day before, as the sky darkened and then lightened again, the lights from Fife, East Lothian and passing aircraft and ships twinkled, Alex and Seth took strange long-exposure photographs and made pig-nipple sandcastles using a roadcone as a mould. We got buzzed by passing swans and marauding naturists (there's a lot of that down there, apparently, after dark - Alex got accused of chasing them for photos until he pointed out that he'd had his camera set up pointing across the bay before they'd turned up and actually he was waiting for them to leave) and spotted a flare (probably from the coastguard - Lara phoned in to report it and they were already out there looking for a boat).

There were a couple of other groups, one aparently French, but they all left well before daybreak, so by the end it was just us and our fire.

When it got light, the five of us remaining (Mo, E &S having left) came back via Arthur's Seat to see the view over the city and out along the coast.

Adele's take is here. I don't think they were geese.

It was full daylight when I got to bed. A small number of hours' sleep later, here I am, suprisingly awake. I don't think I'll be out late tonight, though.

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need redbull and coffee. I think we have your bru there was a large bottle of it in the yellow box I noticed as I left this morning.
Well, feel free to drink it or offer it to desks if I don't get to it first. Perfectly legal, of course - Barrs have confirmed that there's absolutely nothing natural in it.
Sounds great. I feel I've been cheated of my Solstice this year, though.

Oh, and I didn't know Adele had a blog - is there an RSS/Atom feed, do you know?
I feel I've been cheated of my Solstice this year, though.

That's a shame. What would you normally have done?

is there an RSS/Atom feed, do you know?

Yes, I do, there is, and it's here. Her unused LJ is fabalafae.
Thanks for the feed details!

My original plan was to go down to Stonehenge ('cos of having missed it last year AND the year before) and do the "peace stewarding" thing, but when I moved my tooth extraction appointment from just before Beltane, I didn't realise that it'd get moved again to this Monday. And then I spent most of Tuesday and bits of Wednesday in an analgesic-induced haze....
I see your point, but at least you can claim not to have spent it sober.
Quite pleasant, yes, and in good company too. Also a fairly daft way to spend that particular time, but there you go.
Well, I didn't think they were honking. They were making some odd sort of noise in time with the flaps, but I wouldn't know how to describe it. They looked too big for geese as well, but it was by streetlights, so I could be wrong.
if you're on about the two birds that flew over quite early on, they were swans. they always make that weird noise when they fly, kinda like pigeons in flight being played at 33rpm...

Arthur's Seat in the early morning is quite glorious
Good call on your Solstice sir
I ahve this astonishing talent for totalyl missing the summer solstice. I think I must be a winter child..
Happily I have friends who are happy to arrange daft outings for me.
some pix are here

still waiting for the pongid to upload the ninja shots...

Is that the same Eireann who graduated today with an AI/SE degree, or another one? I'm sure I know/recognise him vaguely other than through my workmate/mutual friend Tim, and I've been trying to place him.