I sometimes dream of seals.

Maybe my sleep's more disturbed than usual. I don't usually remember dreams this often.

I was on a small road bridge over a canal (in the way that sometimes happens in dreams, I knew that I was in or near Glasgow. Possibly it was meant to be a section of canal at Bishopbriggs. I lived there when I was very young) watching seals clamber out of the water and up a small rise onto a flat rocky outcrop. They were relatively large seals - a bit bigger than humans - but not as large as the largest sorts of seal.

The significance? None, I imagine. I can't think of anything seal-related that's preying on my mind at the moment.
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I don't know, but I've been telling that joke about the penguin driving across Arizona quite a lot.
I was running through that one just the other night, actually.

Made any spaghetti recently?
Headless seals used to be washed up on Porty beach, but not in recent years thankfully : )
Oh! What happened to the heads? I see seals swimming about here sometimes, once there was a seal pup on the Prom and the SSPCA came.
There was a pod of whales in the Forth who liked to play with their food. Grab the seal by the head, bit of a shoogle, tides and sandbanks different to what they are now et voila, headless seals on beaches and whales wondering what happened to the rest of their lunch.
Yup, I think Nik should design some t shirts for locals to wear while the festival is on. See if the Americans take photos. I've got a few designs I'd like to print : )
In my dreams seals always seem to symblise something very vulnerable when out of place. Seals, particularly pups, I dream of are always stranded on land and flailing about ineffecually and being hit by cars or attacked by dogs.
I can see that, but these ones weren't. They seemed very boisterous and energetic (if rather out of place), bouncing and flolloping their way along the towpath and up the slope for reasons that were entirely unclear.
Were any of them broken?

It perturbs me that packets of Cadbury's Chocolate Animal Biscuits say "Do not eat if seal is broken", but there isn't actually a seal in there; there are mnkeys and elephants and possibly a walrus, but no seals.
A walrus is a seal, isn't it?

Mm. Yes. Sort of. Not a true (earless) seal, but a member of the same suborder. Close enough for confectionery, I'm sure.
Well, in your dream they're things that come out of water you knew as a child and start bouncing about sunning themselves; ring any bells? Water is sometimes a metaphor for Subconscious Stuff since it hides things beneath its surface..
ring any bells?

Er . . . no. Am I missing something here?

I should add that it was night, not day. Not that it's relevant, probably.
No, not at all, I just wondered if the concept of hidden things deciding to come out and play reminded you of anything going on in your life at the moment. That's invariably the level I have to interpret my own dreams at; work out what the metaphor is and then try to think what it's for..
I just wondered if the concept of hidden things deciding to come out and play reminded you of anything going on in your life at the moment

Fair enough. No, not really. It'd be nice if it had some significance - they were impressive and strange and wonderful, and who couldn't do with a bit of that in their life? I can't think of any, though. Nothing going on here but the rent.
Maybe the significance was a reminder that you need impressive and strange and wonderful things in your life?
See that's what makes me hoot about subconscious minds - they have such a talent for making impressive, strange, wonderful and portentous images and stories out of utterly tedious everyday stuff. It could even be about that album you managed to download the other day that you'd been looking for forever..
Your guess is as good as mine. Your guess is at least as good as mine.
err..there weren't seven of them were there?

wish i could dream of seals instead of tricky road junctions.