An odd weekend, overshadowed by the bad news about Andy. I only met him once, I think. Obviously that's a fact I regret now. If anybody's bothered about my opinion, I thought he seemed as great a guy as everyone else seemed to. All the wrong people are dying.

Neon went fairly well. Work was OK today. I had one of the PCs open to see what it's made of. I now have some documentation on the motherboard. Exciting, no?

On a lighter note - My God! They're still at it!
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? which Andy ? (I know well into double figures of Andys).

You know, I thought I'd be able to do Neon nights now I'm not working, I'm just too poor now, even at free entry and a quid a drink *sigh* It would seem that I get less benefit that everyone else I know on benefits. Oh well. I will try and make one before I leave.
Not one of the many I know however I have been directed to his website before although I can't remember exactly where from, don't think it was via LJ though. *frown-sratch-frown* I've half a mind to check through old emails to check...but it's rather late and I've just popped something to help me sleep.
And yes, it'd be good to see you at Neon. I could play you some total shite top tunes!
Thanks for saying that. One of the things I find remarkable is the number of positive comments left on my journal (and elsewhere) by people who barely knew him. I'm glad that I managed to introduce some of you to him.