Cop Shoot Cop

Some years ago, down in the bowels of the Earth (well, actually down in the Park Room, but those of you who've been there know that there's not a huge difference) one Friday or Saturday night - I forget which - our friend Alan (known sometimes as RevCo Alan, from his liking of and tendency to ask for songs by that band, to distinguish him from various other Alans) came over with a record and said we should probably play it, as it was rather good. I can't remember whether we actually did play it the first time, but it certainly made repeat appearances and we definitely did play it more than once. It was called $10 Bill, and was by a New York band I'd only vaguely heard of, called Cop Shoot Cop. This was, I guess, twelve years ago. I quite liked it, but wasn't bowled over at the time. Shortly afterwards, though, i was in Margie's, the shop on the corner near the flat, and I heard something oddly familiar on the radio. Somebody, probably whoever was doing the Radio 1 early evenings at that point, was playing $10 Bill. I stopped to listen to it, and was struck (as I hadn't been in the club) by what I took to be (and probably was, in fact, although I've not heard it commented on) a noticeable Foetus influence. I went and bought a copy of the album. And a very fine album it was, too.

Shortly afterwards, we became aware of an interesting fact: a band were touring and had actually said officially some time in advance who their support band were. How often does that happen? The band in question were Therapy? and presumably they'd done it because they were quite pleased at having arranged Cop Shoot Cop as their main support. There was an opening band too, called Skyskraper IIRC, but I missed them because I'd said I'd meet my then girlfriend outside and she was late (why no, I have no residual grudges about our relationship, as you ask). CSC kicked arse mightily, particularly (for me) Room 429. After they'd finished, I remember Gary Fortune beaming and saying "Therapy'll have to go some to touch that!" And they did go some, too, but while they may have touched it they didn't quite match it.

I didn't see them after the next album - their fourth - came out, and they broke up while making their fifth.

Tod Ashley has a band called Firewater, that I've probably ranted about enough already. Phil Puleo seems to have drummed for world+dog, including Swans. I hadn't known at the time that Natz was part of the wonderfully-titled Lubricated Goat, but apparently they did another album. gingiber and anonymous_seth apparently have some stuff kicking around by Cripple Jim - Jim "Filer"/"Phylr" Coleman - but I've only heard it briefly.

Anyway, Puleo has a website at with some historical stuff, pitchers and the like, and most importantly some MP3s including the mighty mighty $10 Bill (->Music->Special!!!, or go directly to, and then pick "1" under "Ask Questions Later").

This has been a public information announcement, particularly spurred by and for the benefit of spacelem, following a discussion at Neon last night. Apparently nothing's currently available except the Red Expendables album - the one that I spent years looking for unsuccessfully until Phil P put his site up.

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Oh yes. This was in fact a matter of discussion between Patrick and me, back in the day. I'm sure it would have been mentioned in your presence if the subject of Cop Shoot Cop had come up, but I'm pretty sure it didn't.

Actually, the last I heard of him was a couple of years ago, when he toured as Foetus' keyboard player. Clearly a matter of all the Jims sticking together.
Yep - I first came across CSC supporting Therapy? too - and verily were Therapy? blown away!
A neat trick, but not an easy one.

I still haven't managed to catch up with Firewater. I think they must be avoiding Britain.
They do seem to have some sort of British distribution now. It took a while, though.
Ditto. Winter 93/94, I think? I have vague memories of the third band for the Coventry show on that tour being Gunshot(?), but I could be wrong.
Sounds about right - I was at the Anson Room, Bristol Student Union - don't recall a third band though.
I just made all my cow-orkers listen to all of Release. I see some more CSC listening is in their future.

Now we'll have to tell people we were into CSC before their music got used for a Nike commercial. Your sweatshop shoes got no soul...
Did this commercial run over here? I think today was the first I'd heard of it.
I'm reading Penn Jilette's book Sock and today the book mentions that the band name Cop Shoot Cop wasn't about the police but about junkies (what is all junkies do? Cop.Shoot.Cop). Don't know if it's true, but it makes sense.
Ooh, thanks for that! I've not heard $10 bill in a good few years...
Depending on when you were there, you might well have heard some at The Calling.
Ahhh, wonderful post. I share the love.

I also have the Phylr album kicking around somewhere, can't remember the title (it's in Spanish or similar language I believe)... It's not actually that good, except as vaguely pleasant background ambience... You know he was playing keyboards in Foetus' live band for awhile? Last time Foetus was in the UK anyway, Phylr was there with him...
I love the CSC poster that is a cartoon about two cops shooting each over over a doughnut...