I'm sorry, I haven't a clue

Anyone fancy seeing ISIHAC recorded at the Pleasance at the end of August? 7 quid a ticket, apparently.

Also, someone here's selling an HP officejet v45. 20 quid.

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i'm up for Clue, but the ticket sales for beeb during the Fest last year was a pigs ear

BTW a certain pianist is getting unvieled at Barrys gig on Sat here in Edinburgh
They start selling tickets to the general public on Monday. Fringe supporters can get them already. Do you want me to get you one?
Only two per call. Sorry. But it's or 226 0000 if you fancy trying yourself.
I'll try to get tickets for people, but they aren't answering their phone until Monday. If I can make it over in person tomorrow, I'll do that and let people know.
Sorry. They're only selling two per call. or 226 0000 if you can try yourself.