Rambling mess.

I see the case of the table-leg bloke is rattling on. The two officers who pulled the triggers have now been arrested, so presumably the inconsistencies haven't been resolved after all, regardless of what the judge at the inquest appeal thought.

Oi Polloi? Not only still alive but gigging soon? Well I never.

Record shopping (ouch). I seem to have made up at the weekend for only buying fake or virtual records recently. This included a copy of Selenography, which is very restful. Some of this was at the Meadows festival, of course - a stall had a copy of The Return of the Durutti Column staring at me, so what could I do but look through their boxes? Ah well.

The Rude Mechanicals Apparently played at Strawberry fair - anyone see them? How did the day go generally?

Neubauten played what sounds like a quite different gig recently. One for any fans to read, I think - of little interest to anyone else.

The Magnetic Fields have turned up on emusic, so you can download (if you wish) their magnum opus, the sublime and accurately self-descriptive 69 Love Songs. I don't recommend it, though.

What's the strange factor making a fat big Mags fan say this? Well, 69 songs at emusic's rate comes to most of 15 quid, and you can go out and buy the CDs for about that much. Do yourselves a favour and do so, forthwith.

Saturday's Grauniad was quite fun. It had articles about Lovecraft ("Life is painful and disappointing. It is useless, therefore, to write new, realistic novels."), Philip K Dick (by Michael Moorcock, no less) and Margaret Atwood (quoted as saying, of Angela Carter, "The amazing thing about her ... was that someone who looked so much like the Fairy Godmother - the long, prematurely white hair, the beautiful complexion, the benign, slightly blinky eyes, the heart-shaped mouth - should actually be so much like the Fairy Godmother."). Joolz wrote a letter in too. She didn't win the Orange, but the book that did - We need to talk about Kevin, by Lionel Shriver - sounds interesting too. And is presumably at least as good as hers, which would be really quite good indeed.

There's also an article claiming that the Sagrada Familia will be open for business by the end of 2008, although there'll still be a couple of decades' work after that before it's actually finished.

Neon went quite well. From my point of view, anyway. I got to play many more records at people due to the DJ famine, and some of them were the poxy evil gothy ones too.

There was a fire engine outside the flat earlier on Sunday. Somebody had set fire to one of the paper-recycling bins. They stuck a hose in the top and turned it on, then prised the two halves apart with a wrecking tool and played water across the inside. They weren't messing about, and it went out sharpish. I've been wondering for a while how much water the local tenders carry. Potentially it might be as much as a ton or more, I suppose, but I've really no idea. Somebody burgled the flat upstairs, too, by climbing up the outside wall and going in through an open window.

The DVD drive arrived. I didn't try to put it in until last night, and had all manner of hassle with it not being recognised, its presence clashing with the IDE hard drive, the machine not booting at all, and various other bad stuff. I got it working eventually, though. Who was it that forgot he'd disabled the unused IDE channel in the BIOS? Errr . . . that would be me, then.

Mplayer, of course, is on its way into Debian, although it's just missed 3.1, all the dreadful legal hassles apparently having been resolved (hurray!). I had an odd problem with the sound running faster than the video until my fiddling with the settings found a good combination - use an external software mixer - after which I only had to remember how I'd made it so ridiculously quiet and turn it up again. Then I celebrated sorting that by watching a Mark Thomas show that grahamb gave me at the weekend, mostly about going over Menwith Hill in a hot-air balloon. The bit about Ian Lang and the junk mail was interesting. Particularly for me, because for a while the postie that delivered Ian Lang his sacks of junk mail every day was my brother.

I'm not going to be in work tomorrow. My boss was supposed to be going to see a new confocal from Zeiss demonstrated, but he's too busy. I have to go instead [H/S/F].
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Thanks for pointing me at the cathedral - a very odd story, and a not unappealing building.

I don't know if that's related to Mplayer.
Ermmm . . . (whistles) just found it lying around, guv. Must've fallen off the back of a lorry.

On an obviously totally unrelated topic, can your mail transport handle getting a file of about . . . say . . . eight and a half megs dumped on it?
Ooh, I just saw Houellebecq speak on his Lovecraft book here in S.F. coming soon in my journal if you're interested.
So why haven't the various members of EN gone deaf themselves by now?

We watched Halber Mensch the other night - I'd forgotten how skinny Blixa used to be!
He's not skinny any more?

In that case, it's probably a good thing I missed the gig.