I like this. I've never specifically thought about visiting Bilbao before, but I think that's probably a good reason to.

NY Times registration (free) is needed for that one. There are shorter articles with smaller pictures here and here too.
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Well, the obvious Spanish cathedral under construction's the Sagrada Familia. I think the building work's done by a family firm rather than an individual, though. I think people are still after having Gaudi canonised.

I'll keep looking. I may find something closer.
now that's definitely what you call a life's work! I hope someone's gona paint that concrete!
Not to mention the little chapel somewhere between Lisbon and Faro built entirely of the bones of themonks who reside there. Apparently it smells pretty rank too.
"Registration required".. cannot be proselytised enough. It's a database full of username and password combinations for random websites so you don't ahve to register..
Re: "Registration required"..
Very irritating for people who want to have some idea of how many people are using their site, though. I guess it pushed people into doing more analysis of their logs, which will frequently tell them more from their DNS lookups than they'd have from, say, an MSN address.
Re: "Registration required"..
Yeah, but if you want to keep your privacy it's a godsend.

Having read the Serra article - I don't think I'd go to Bilbao just to see those sculptures, but I do think somebody really should get the guy to design a labyrinth and install it in some huge, decaying industrial building..
Re: "Registration required"..
Yeah, but if you want to keep your privacy it's a godsend.

Just register "" and give it everywhere. They'll never suspect.

somebody really should get the guy to design a labyrinth

You're absolutely right there.
Yes - several of our cabin crew are Spanish and they all say the museum in Bilbao is well worth a visit. It's very pretty there too and not nearly as uncivilised as the rest of the country. EDI-STN, then STN-BIO on EZY perhaps?
Aha! That looks familiar!
My second- (or first*)-favorite James Bond movie (The World is Not Enough) has a big stainless-steel thingy that looks like those in the opening shot, which takes place in Bilbao. We've been wondering what it is, and would be happy to visit Bilbao just to see it.

(*First or second favorite is On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Go ahead.)

Re: Aha! That looks familiar!
Right. I'm only aware of one of his sculptures in Britain (London, near Liverpool Street station) but if there aren't any in oregon then there'll be some either side, I guess.

The title of this piece may be somewhat familiar. You may have become an anecdote.