Oh, and : Gigantor, Saturday.


sat 28th may

teviot park room

£2 entry

non-students welcome

please bring photo-id

alternative - punk - industrial - goth

more info here

recent playlists can be found here and here

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Bit short notice for me for this one, but if there are any future dates set in the near future :) I'd be interested!
Fair enough. I'll mention any future dates as soon as I know about them. I don't know how far off they'll be, though (autumn?), or how soon we'll know. It's all a bit irregular, I'm afraid.
Cool. Thankyou! I know what it's like with fickle venue owners, and autumn would be a great time, as Edinburgh would look lovely.
The usual venue - Teviot (well, actually it's the only one we've used for years) - is a student union building and is closed over the summer, except during the Festival when there's other stuff.

And yes, Edinburgh's lovely in the autumn, although it's pretty nice a lot of the time. It's even nice in the rain . . . sometimes. Not always, though.
Oh! Sounds like heaven.

Shall have to scour Brisbane for goth clubs.
It's usually quite fun, but I'm not sure I'd go that far.

Let me know if you find any good ones.
Re: rrrggghh
Well, leave a pair of boots with us and we'll bounce them around the dancefloor a few times for you.
Re: rrrggghh
It's OK, I've already got a pair of corks in.

And some in my nose.