Miscellanea, largely prospective.

I am being impugned.

In other news, thanks to joexnz I now have far less cardboard. I still have loads of polystyrene, though, and while I haven't yet dissolved any in petrol I can feel the temptation growing. Unless any of you want the stuff for any nefarious purpose (or even an innocent one, if such exists) I'll therefore be chucking it as soon as the bins have been emptied of all the crap I put in them over the weekend.

Being almost (GMT) or actually (BST) the 18th, it's time to remind you about Radio 6 and their Joy Division retrospective. Armando Ianucci has his new show on Radio 4 later as well. Last week's was pretty good, so if you're not up to anything at half-six, then I would say that you could do worse.

It's worth remembering that Queen Adreena are playing in Glasgow on Friday. I'll be there (barring disaster) and they have the Clark seal (arf! arf!) of approval.

After that, it'll be a local holiday here on Monday, which means that Neon will probably be relatively busy on Sunday night as more people than usual don't have to be up in the morning. This may or may not include you. Also, a few days later on the 28th, we have Gigantor, a club night personifiable as a scary bloke in big boots.

Tomorrow . . . well, I've had a call from my aunt about going to see a band on Leith Walk, featuring her friend Chris the saxophonist. I must try very hard not to obviously hero-worship.

The hunt for a door continues. Apparently they migrate to Fife around this time of year, so I may have to don my deerstalker and take my door-musket over to the Kingdom.

This post by emarkienna AND this one by rowan_leigh, both on the subject of the proposed identity-card scheme, are well worth a look. I notice coded comments from backbenchers about the awkward squad being large enough to overturn the government majority on internally-controversial bills, so it might be worth people seeing whether their local members are persuadable or not.
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