Guising, already.

I had a shower and got changed before going out last night, and as I left the house I suddenly felt very odd. I checked that I had remembered to get dressed - which I had - and realised that it was what I was wearing that felt odd. For the last week or so I've been picking up the same jacket as the day before (red and black nylon bike jacket) rather than shift all the stuff in the pockets to a different one. This felt fine with jeans, but when I changed into a pair of combats, it felt . . . odd. It felt like I was in fancy dress. It still does, to an extent. Very strange.

In other news, I might have a couple of days off in a week or so because of local and University holidays. What should I do with them? Go north to somewhere scenic? Visit people? Spend them in an alcoholic stupor? Answers wrapped around an unopened whisky bottle on a postcard, please. to the usual address.
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Well, one of my favoured distilleries is in Orkney, so I could probably pick up some more than satisfactory samples in the field.