Guising, already.

I had a shower and got changed before going out last night, and as I left the house I suddenly felt very odd. I checked that I had remembered to get dressed - which I had - and realised that it was what I was wearing that felt odd. For the last week or so I've been picking up the same jacket as the day before (red and black nylon bike jacket) rather than shift all the stuff in the pockets to a different one. This felt fine with jeans, but when I changed into a pair of combats, it felt . . . odd. It felt like I was in fancy dress. It still does, to an extent. Very strange.

In other news, I might have a couple of days off in a week or so because of local and University holidays. What should I do with them? Go north to somewhere scenic? Visit people? Spend them in an alcoholic stupor? Answers wrapped around an unopened whisky bottle on a postcard, please. to the usual address.
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I didn't realise my flatmate had told you of her suspicions about her missing underwear. It's not true, you know.
I only mentioned it - you were the one who checked! heh heh!

*plots to ruin reputation with glittery baths and red undies are going to plan*
You could visit the Faroe Islands. They looked really cool in the annex to my Iceland guidebook. Or take a 1 day pottery class.
Is there a connection between the two?

The Faroes sound good. We chatted to an Reykjavik taxi driver about them a few years back. Pronounced closer to Furries, apparently (and scarily) and you couldn't for a while buy booze unless you were up to date with your taxes. Scary. But also amusing.
I've got the same kind of issue but I'll probably just end up marking.. I'd quite like to go to Orkney sometime.
I might be up fo a road trip/beach trip if the weather's like this if u fancy - have car. Rather fancy Northumbria coast.
Possibly. Friday's taken and I really should do Neon on Sunday night (if other people will be off too, then it'll be busy).
Orkney (and maybe Shetland) is something I absolutely have to do before I leave this country for good. This summer was a definite maybe, but I think that's off now.
Camping at the Kingshouse (Rannoch). But not on your own, and only if the weather is going to be good. Or perhaps go visit the furthest flung friend that you didn't get to see on your previous trek south? Or just cycle from the heart of Edinburgh, via the canals to the heart of Glasgow, and back. (I've only done Livingston to Stockbridge and back myself)
Not on my own?

I've found an anglegrinder I can borrow to destroy the lock holding the bike I inherited from a friend only to have my parents helpfully lock it up for me, but it's not one I'd choose to cover long distances on. Too much like hard work.
we've got a spare that should fit you, and we were talking about having a blast along the canal some time with redlex - seeing as the new 'end' is pretty much round the corner from his place.

glasgow might be a bit ambitious first time out, but we could make it to falkirk easily enough and get the train back.

fancy it ?

I have a sleeping bag which, while old, is still much too warm for year-round use.
No, it doesn't. Check again. They have FREE beginner lessons (similar to my own beloved Eugene Tango Center's "Tango from Zero" lessons) prior to the dance on Sunday. Tango is a social dance--you're supposed to be able to ask strangers to dance with you, although I admit this is a challenge for many men including my own darling.

I'm sure at least one charming and courageous young goth woman reading your LJ would be delighted to learn to tango with you. And then you'd know how to tango. Which will be important when you come visit.

This is a Calvinist nation, though.

Q: Why do the Close Brethren only commit adultery lying down?

A: In case God thinks they're dancing.

While I think that the chance of finding a goth woman who is both charming and courageous would be easy to overstate, I suppose that you do have a point.
Well, one of my favoured distilleries is in Orkney, so I could probably pick up some more than satisfactory samples in the field.