Bloody printer

So, after looking at prices for replacements so I can discuss them with my boss on Thursday, and found a copy of the service manual so I can have a final go at finding out what's the matter, what does it do? Starts working again on its own, of course.

I've noticed a couple of you being approving about old laserjets, but it would have been nice of you to mention at the same time that they have a twisted sense of humour.
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Printers are my fucking nemesis... honestly, computer equipment senses fear and messes you around and printers know I don't trust them.

I get the same thing with wireless connections.
I haven't touched wireless stuff. I don't need it, so it'd just be pointless complexity. Anyway, nothing beats a length of copper. Cables are just absolutely where it's at.
what does it do? Starts working again on its own, of course.

Same here!
So now we're both wondering how long it'll be until they pack up again?
It's got a stupid grey line down it, which I'm taking or a sign that it's packing up slowly.
I have a friend who maintains that all laser printers are insane, because they can't reconcile the electronic and mechanical sides of their nature. Not only is he right, I've also found they do, indeed, have a twisted sense of humour.

(The fax machine in my office is flat-out barking, however.)

Oh, here via joexnz. Hi!

That sounds like a convincing hypothesis. They're certainly weird beasts.