Cardboard boxes and EPS.

Following getting some new furniture, I have four moderate to large (well, two moderate and two large) cardboard boxes and a pile of randomly-shaped bits of expanded polystyrene.

I don't suppose any of you have a use for such things? I can just chuck them, of course, but it'd be a shame if they could be reused.
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If no-one recycles your cardboard you could wantonly burn them in the next beach fire which I am hoping to have when the frost stops. (You don't have to wait until there's a paraffin related event to visit though)
And if nobody wants the polystyrene I could dissolve it in petrol and . . . . actually, maybe I'd better stop that line of thought right there.
No, no keep going, I'm sure it could earn you a grant from the Scottish Arts Council if you do it in the right place..
Sure. The boxes or the napalm? What sort of state are you leaving the old place in?
the boxes, i don't do enough chemsitry to have made that leap. and our landlady here has been really nice to us (I feel guilty enough as it is)
I should point out now that two of them are big enough to get a person in crouched down. Those are the smaller ones. The biggest one you could probably fit a fridge into. But you don't have to take them all.
A wardrobe, a couple of chests of drawers and a couple of bedside tables.

I didn't actually buy them. I didn't even agree to take that much, even though they were half-price. I thought I was getting a decent but cut-price wardrobe and small chest of drawers, but you know what my parents are like. I'd have been happy with just a card, but people are funny about that sort of thing. It's very nice, but I wish they'd just been straight with me from the word go.
Yeah, I can imagine what happened there! Still, very nice of them as you say.

My mother's latest thing is buying people goats (i.e. sponsoring one in the third world, not giving someone an actual goat) so I'm wondering what I'll be getting for my birthday...

Your birthday was ages ago though!
very nice of them

Indeed. I'm not sure I have anywhere for it all, though. Large amounts of Extra Stuff is not really what my life needs, in general. Still, at least this is Stuff that Other Stuff can go inside.

buying people goats

Sounds good. original_aj should get one. They could compare beards.

so I'm wondering what I'll be getting for my birthday...

Well, don't feel that you have to grow a beard to compete. I don't think it would suit you.

Your birthday was ages ago though!

Mmm. I don't know if all of this is the upsiode or downside of not liking birthdays much. If I was keener they'd probably have given me something else on the day.
You know how my family hate everything? They're all getting sponsored goats next Christmas.
the two small ones will be fine fro throwing duvets, backpacks and other large light and other scatterable when moving objects.
now just to arrange to pick them up.
Well, if you have a Van de Graaf generator hanging about, you could do this. (If you read Preacher's journal and already saw this, sorry :)