Sorry about yesterday.

Kate was actually on the radio for a few minutes just after four. It's streamable from the Radio 5 pages (click on "Mon", obviously - it's only about two or three minutes into the program), or if you'd prefer I'm going to have a go at capturing it using a nifty little widget I'm just downloading. Assuming I get a hold of the segment (purely for my own records, obviously, guv), would anyone like sent a copy rather than do the streaming thing?

Don't feel you have to, though. I won't be insulted. I'm really taking a record of it mainly because my brother asked me to.

Also (thanks, feanelwa, for pointing this out) has anyone else noticed how much the shadow chancellor looks like the chancellor?
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I wanted to hear her but missed her, so a copy would be quite handy.

I don't suppose you also have copies of Adele's radio appearances?
OK. The Beeb's feed was stuttering and dropping incredibly, so I'm going to have to attack it with a wave editor, but after that there'll be no problem.

No, I'm afraid I don't have anything by Adele. I only downloaded vsound this evening, so this is the first time I've used it. If it's still streamable anywhere I can try to grab it, but at a guess it'll be gone by now. A week seems to be a popular period for these things to be up for.