Idlewild earlier this week were quite good but not incendiary. At times they were just like when I saw them almost eight years ago (which I've only just realised was before they had an album out. At others they weren't, but it was a good gig. And within walking distance of the house, which is always nice. One song (Bronze Medal) they'd never played in Edinburgh before (presumably meaning that they had played it live elsewhere before) and they hadn't played the Usher Hall before either (cue list of scabby little pits in which they had already played - apparently including every venue in town that you'd usually want to avoid).

On Friday I went out to the Hoose to see people and ended up going to the Citrus with some other people. This wasn't an amazing success - I rushed a pint leaving the pub and it was sloshing in my stomach too much for me to consider jumping about. The music wasn't mostly so bad, though - it hung around the more interesting end of chart pop, mostly, and even reached Pixies at one point (isn't it a shame they didn't record anything other than Debaser? I always thought they had a lot of potential). I left when they started getting into the poodlerock, but got dragged back by Lisa for a quick chat with Finn.

Yesterday was mainly taken up by the Beltane picnic, which was good. I dusted off the bottle of Brennivin, which got a mixed but broadly positive response. In the evening, pub then Ascension, which were both amusing. Today I had lunch in the Hoose with flatmate et al, followed by visiting Morningside to take Ed his keys.

Now some tidying, getting ready for Neon and doing something about Ed's phone.
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No, surely it can't . . . .

Well, she hasn't said anything but I can only think of one candidate.