If there's beauty in madness

Nice to see that Hobotalk aren't defunct. New album just out, apparently, and a concert this week at Cabaret Voltaire, that I can't make it to. Oh well. Another time, maybe.

In other news, there are some Beltane photos here, and (pause for effect) Celera have left the genome market. I will expand on both of these points later - I apologise in advance for going into full Sobchak mode on the latter.

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Nope. A bit acoustic and countryish for most of my friends, but I rather like them when something gentle's called for.

They're from the home of country music, of course. Dunbar.
Fab photos. I shall try ot post up my, not nearly as good ones but some that do include you :), over the next few days.

Ooh, thank you. That'd be good. I'm sure they're better than you imply. They usually are.
well I was a bit far away from a lot of the action, and I tryed using fill in flash which is a bit harsh on the scotch-light. Well see what you think ones I finally get around to putting them up.

Seth was running around with the OM4 with B & W 3200 film, so I am looking forward to seeing if any of those come out OK.
I have a few snaps of the setup and clearup, but nothing of events in motion. I'll be trying to get them developed soon.