Brief interlude.

The walkthrough went well. We thought we'd lost somebody, but she will be along (cue quick swap of rôles with someone else) and we thought that our torchballs might not have been soaked in paraffin (the right stuff) but in diesel (very definitely the wrong stuff). But it was OK.

So I've been having a very quick bite, making a phone call or two, getting changed and now I'm just off out again.

Let the ceremony begin.
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Whilst lying in bed this morning, I received various Beltane TXTs from people having a great time up there last night. I would love to have been there, but I had been to my own weird celebration. I'm looking forward to seeing various peoples photo's.

I was wondering if anyone had taken any video and posted any mpg's or made home DVDs of their experience at Beltane? [I haven't searched on Google yet]

Hope you had a great time.
There is actually an official video made every year, which has better access both on the night and to practices and stuff.
Ta for the info, good to know.

I was thinking about capturing the feeling from a punters point of view I guess (no commentary or mutterings). Like how an art film captures atmosphere. You keep in touch with what the celebration is all about. I fear it turning into an Ibiza dance party. But perhaps the weather helps keep that under control! But whatever :)

It is over a decade now since I was last at Beltane. 'pre-ticket, pre-curfew' days I think they call it now ;) The joy of not having a clue of what to expect (apart from the obvious) and not being able to see very much. I never liked the being frozen bit. But I always felt moved and I love the drums. Something I miss here. The rhythym of Edinburgh.

Was always amazed at how the red people could withstand the cold. But I'm not so naive now. :)