Aujourd'hui est la fete

Nice to see that The Young Gods aren't defunct. Working on another album, even (not due out until next year, though), and currently on tour in eastern Europe.

Anyway, the actual point of this post - we have a jammed Laserjet 4L in the lab, and I was wondering if those of you who (for your doubtless extremely enjoyable sins) deal with printers a lot more than me could give me some advice.

It's showing as a paper jam, but there's no sheet of paper (and as far as I can tell no fragments of visible size) in the mechanism. How much effort is it worth going to to fix it or identify the fault?


I have a reluctant Laserjet 5P here that needs attacking by a geek as well.
Lights on and nobody home, or is there no sign of life at all? Have you checked the fuse?
Lights on, doorbell working, no response to doorbell.

Eventually, the PC gets back to me and says "no response, guv, what you want me do?"
I suspect a jammed microswitch somewhere inside the paper path.

You could try using the printers brush to try and see ifyou can free the switch...
Cool. Now if they'd only play these shores again... ;-)
Next year, presumably, when the album's out. The question for me will be whether I have to come down to Lodnod to see them.
I guess you've tried the obvious, like taking out the printer cartridge, opening all the doors/trays and then powercycling (geek for 'turning off and back on')? Sometimes that makes it wake up a bit.
Yeah. I fiddled with it for a couple of hours. It didn't make any difference.
Tried taking the laser cartridge out and blowing any paper dust out of the little alcove -- it can accumulate over sensors. I bloody hate printers.
Young Gods
The Cracow date is a bank holiday weekend.

I could celebrate no longer requiring a visa to visit Poland.
i got a very ambient album of theirs recently, which was, well, very ambient... but good to know that they're still going. i hope they still have the spunk that they used to.