The bulk of the week.

Monday: Torchie stuff, but not to the pub afterwards. We were working on coloured flames, with mixed results. I had lots of washing and unpacking to do instead of drinking, unfortunately.

Tuesday: H&S and then home. The Health and Safety briefing was very straightforward. Upstairs at the Forest is the old church hall, complete with an apparently undamaged full-immersion baptismal font. Later ideas about makind red folk red by immersion in red dye and sheep-dip followed - but don't tell l them I said that. I would have been up for a drink after this, but I couldn't find people ater picking costume bits up from Amy's car. Oh well. Plugged in the freeview box instead. It works.

Wednesday. Calm and quiet. I'm not sure I did anything notable.

Thursday: No Cthulhu, due to other commitments. Went to te Pooka office and sheared Steve (to the delicate strains of "Randolph got a haircut", of course). He now has no beard or hair. Unfortunately he insisted on keeping the ears and eyebrows (cue memories of an old Who Dares Wins sketch). purplerabbits got a slight undercut too. I haven't used those clippers in years, and then twice in one evening . . . I did ask around as to whether anyone else wanted to be bald, but unfortunately nobody did.

After that, out to burn another torch ball. No more colour than before, but we'll crack it eventually. KJ's after that, which was quite drunken and involved interesting discussion.
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Speaking of which - it's not looking too likely that I'll make Edinburgh what with being randomly under the weather. Have a great firefest, and I want to see the photos :)
Cheers. I'm sure somebody I know will take some, although we ourselves can't. There'll be a vido, though, which I plan to score a copy of.