Eduardo Paolozzi, 1924-2005

I was saddened on Saturday to read that Eduardo Paolozzi had died. Apparently his earlier work with collage was the best stuff, but I really like his sculptures. I guess I'm just a philistine, then.

The Guardian obituary is here, the Independent's take is here and Momus' contribution is here.

He'll be missed.
Paolozzi was someone who I became aware of primarily through his municipal works, from the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road to the Newton bronze at the BL. His works were insidious in the way that only the best municipal art is - you only build up a gradual awareness after prolonged exposure that they're the work of a single artist because they fit so well into their surroundings.

I feel much as I did when I heard of the death of David Kindersley.
If you're ever in Edinburgh again, you should go to the Dean Gallery. He gave roughly a metric shitload of stuff - about his entire collection, including his own and other people's works - to the Scottish national galleries, and they've basically filled a building with it. There's an especially good (and huge) statue of Vulcan.
I've seen his stuff in the the new museum on Chambers Street (Museum of Scotland?) that last time I was up, but I've not been to the Dean.
That's very sad.

Here's a funny anecdote though - one of the staff of a major Edinburgh art gallery once asked me if I could help them escort him off the premises because they thought he was a tramp.
Luckily I had. The gallery attendant thought I was making it up at first, but made a wise choice and decided to believe me.
He was very friendly and shook my hand. He had the largest, thickest fingers I've ever seen. There's always something special about shaking hands with an artist or musician - it's such a strange feeling to actually touch the hand that formed or played works of art.

Ah no! That is a shame. He was a friend of my father's. I actually saw one of his pieces in an underground station recently (and recognised the style) but have completely forgotten which one.

So weird to think of him for the first time in a couple of years, and then he dies within a week.

p.s. I prefer his industrial sculptures too.
If it was mosaic, then it was Tottenham Court Road. There's the big version of Newton in the British Library courtyard too, and a really nice head on the south bank just downriver of Tower Bridge.
I'm in work now, but yes I'm home. The cat seemed very listless when I arrived, but she seemed to perk up after a little fuss and attention.
I think the saddest bit is "Paolozzi spent his final years in a nursing home, paralysed from the waist down and unable to talk, an especially tragic fate for a man to whom lively conversation meant so much."

I finally saw Newton in the "flesh" last week when I was on a bus passing the British Library.

Rest in peace.
I must be a philistine too then, because I much prefer his sculpture, particuarly "Vulcan" at Dean Gallery, the foot at Leith walk and the ducts in the GoMA's garden. I did see the collage at the retrospective at the Dean Gallery last year(?) and while I suppose earlier in the century it was stunning, in these days when anyone can cut and paste corporate images it has lost a lot of impact.
Well, at least we can all be philistines together.

I should go and visit the hand and foot soon. I haven't had a close look at them in a while.
Yes I was very sad to hear this too. At least there is loads of his stuff around for us to appreciate.

Seeing the ones at KB every day must be so great.
They may or may not be the same recordings. It's not on the same label.

Yes, I had a lovely weekend, thanks.
random request (asked Ap as well, but being polite) crash space for gigantor? ta (now excuse me while i continue my dying form WGW)
Of course. No problem at all. Remind us closer to the time, though, and we'll make sure the place is tidy. Or, at the very least, hygenic.

Get well soon.