Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

It's Ratzinger, then. Benedict XVI. After four votes. Expect a few more years of very strict orthodoxy - after all, if the head of the Inquisition gets promoted all the way to the top, how else will it be?
Ratzinger? The guy from :Wumpscut: has become Pope?
Apparently so. He wanted to play St Peters' organ and this was the only way they'd let him.
Eek. Then I suspect the Catholic Church is about to make a dramatic change WRT it's stance on abortion...
Um, at least one :Wumpscut: album argues that abortion should be mandatory...
V: What are your actual views on abortion? The songs on Embryodead are ambiguous…

R: Abortion? Well, it depends on the situation. It is easy to understand that women being in a bad condition ­ of which kind eve ­ should have the possibility to decide for their own, but you should be aware of the psychic problems an abortion can cause. I regard human life to have the same value as other life forms. Nothing more, nothing less. Just because we have a brain to think, it is arrogant and ignorant to treat ourselves differently. There is so much life on this planet - too much, maybe.

Yup, my thought exactly. You just said it more eloquently. Right… I’m going to watch the Simpson’s.
With luck, a very few more years.

It'd be nice if he broke JP I's record.
*incoherent mutter*
Oh great, a reactionary hyper orthodox Pope known as "God's rottweiler" and the "Panzerkardinal". Just the news I wanted first thing in the morning. Och well, we can but hope he doesn't last too long.