Club Commando!

We've got new posters and flyers for Neon now, and fairly quickly I noticed one thing. Now, perhaps this merely reflects my own interests and enthusiasms (or, perhaps, obsessions), but I did think that there was one obvious omission from the left-hand "Neon" panel on this poster (~100k, worksafe line drawing). I have been meaning to inquire of the management as to whether this represents some new dress code and, if so, whether I can be the one to enforce it. More news as it breaks.

Incidentally, is it just me (again) or does the poodlerocker in the right-hand panel look like he's putting on a rubber glove? Is the world suddenly filling with visual single-entendres or do I just need to get out more?
Some time ago in a goth club, I noticed a chap wearing a single shoulder-length black latex glove. Unfortunately, just as I noticed this, Andrew Eldritch mentioned feeling an animal deep inside, so while I'm sure it was meant to look cool and fetishy, I couldn't help thinking of him as the James Herriott guy thereafter.
Perhaps that was the intention. Maybe he has a James Herriott fetish. He wasn't wearing a tweed-patterned PVC jacket, was he?

Back when I used to go Sliming semi-regularly, there was a guy who was often there that I'd see in the York earlier. He had a short haircut and a pencil moustache and, IIRC, something not a million miles from a flying jacket. He looked every inch the young RFC officer, so I immediately christened him Biggles. I never met him, but if I called him that I never had to explain who I meant.
comedy club punter names are great.

i cite the mad nun, jingleclink and stomp, waxy bob, and {hand gesture indicating one of those little wooden toys that are held together with string and collapse when you press the bottom in, only to pop back up when you let go} in my defense.

Is that Finn in the Neon panel?

The poodlerocker's preparing for Paddington...

I know Finn's worn some noticeable outfits in her time, but I've not know her go anything like that far in public.

Although I did once see it done in London.