Beltane has official go-ahead from council.

The Scotsman's story is here

City chiefs have given the go-ahead for alcohol to be drunk at the spectacular event on Calton Hill as long as organisers enforce restrictions on revellers taking glass bottles to the beauty spot.

The local authority and the police say they are now happy to endorse the event, billed as the biggest fire festival in Europe.

£3 in advance, £5 on the night. 30th April. Entry is from 6:30 and the action starts after it's properly dark.

The Beltane Fire Society's website (with a link for buying tickets) is at
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Good news indeed. I just had a quick peek at the Beltane web site, you need tickets for it now??
I'm afraid so. The council charge for cleaning up the hill, and there's nobody prepared to bankroll us.
Sigh. Wish I could arrange to be in town for the night, but so not happening this year.
Well, things seem to be settling down again with the council, so I'd guess it's going to be happening in the long term. You'll have plenty more chances.

It'd be good to see you again if you could make it.