A humble apology taken from yesterday's Daily Record:


THE Daily Record profoundly regrets yesterday's decision to publish a picture of Margaret Thatcher touring Peter Stringfellow's lap-dancing bar without fully explaining that she'd no intention of performing. Please pour yourself a stiff drink, think of a comforting place from your childhood and try to get some sleep

Thanks to akicif for finding it on their site.
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BARGH!! That image will be with me for the rest of my days. You evil, evil man.
That is an evil, evil thing to post up on a public web forum...

I nearly choked on my cocoa...

was up as a caption competition - the best I've seen was "Yes I've fucked a few minors in my time too."
Yes I've fucked a few minors in my time too.

Given that I live in Durham I really shouldn't have laughed so much at that.
Worryingly it has been depicted on TV at least once, although with somebody else playing Thaggie.